Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am reposting this from OurTwoAngelsinHeaven's blog.  Pass the word if you can and please send a card if you can!

(From Lisa's Blog)
I am reposting this as I saw it on Pixie Dust Studio's website. It is a wonderful campaign to join. For a child so young to be fighting a battle this harsh is just heartbreaking. We can help put a smile on this little boys face by sending him cards daily. My next challenge cards will be made for Sam. I hope and ask that you will repost this on your blog. If not, please simply put a card in the mail to this young boy. Read below the story as it was posted on Pixie Dust Studio's blog.

Send them to Sam is a card campaign.

I am challenging all you talented ladies to help little Sam fight Cancer. Sam is a wonderful and strong 5 year old boy. His battle with Cancer is just beginning. He was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma this week. He has a very tough fight ahead of him. I would love everyone to join me in helping Sam fight this and WIN! Sam will be in the hospital for many months. I am starting a campaign to fill his days with tons of cards from all over the globe. What fun for Sam to know that people from all sides of the Earth are supporting and thinking about him. I am going to give him a map book and a ton of stickers. He will put a sticker on each location that his cards come from. How awesome would it be to cover the whole Earth with stickers from people supporting Super Sam. This will be a great adventure for Sam to watch the LOVE and SUPPORT from every corner of the globe. Lets each set a personal goal of one card a month, one card a week, or one card a day.

Keep them coming so he never stops looking forward to the next card delivery.

Ladies with a humble heart, I ask for your support in this Send Them to Super Sam campaign. I will provide updates from time to time to let you all know how Super Sam is winning his battle over Cancer. When he is victorious over Cancer we can all celebrate together in honor of the wonderful and brave Super Sam! I welcome anyone and everyone to join Pixie Dust Studio in the Send Them to Sam Card Campaign! Please take this blog blinkie and post it and link it back to the Pixie Dust Studio Super Sam link. Help pass this Campaign message along..lets spread the word, lets share the news. Cards are needed to help a little boy and his battle with Cancer!

Please send Cards and well wishes to....

Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center

1719 E 19th Ave

Denver CO 80218

ATTENTION: Samual Humphries

It would also be great fun to include the Super Sam image on the inside, back or envelope or mention SUPER SAM ...that way Sam will know that he is a Superhero and he can win this fight!

$1 water bottles

I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of the $1 Tree.  My mom and I found these little water bottles back during Easter and picked up a few.  Well, we went back last week and picked up several more.  I decorated these for my niece and nephew in NV.  I picked up enough to do one bottle for the rest of my nieces and nephews.  They are such cute little gifts.  I decorated them using the Don Juan Cartridge and sign vinyl.  The one I made for my son a couple of months ago has been in the dishwasher (top shelf) several times and the vinyl stays on! 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where have I been?

Wow!  Long time no post.  I haven't been crafting, that's for sure.  Wish I could, but it's been so beautiful outside I just had to get out there and work.  I planted a garden, which is coming along nicely.

As you can see that's been lots of fun and lots of work.  It seems to be doing very well now.  The strawberries have taken off. 
I've also been sticking to my challenge to lose 20 pounds.  I've only lost 4 so far; however, that's not for a lack of trying.  I'm up to running 2.7 miles :-) and I've started lifting weights with my hubby.  It's great because it's like having my own personal trainer.  He knows so much about training and diet.  He's great!  Although I've only lost four pounds, the jeans are fitting better and I feel fantastic compared to how I used to feel.  Of course, I've also been on a mega weekly dose of Vitamin D.  Last Thursday was my last dose, so let's pray my body starts to process it on its own.  My doctor will not run any tests until June.  I understand that she wants to be absolutely sure that it wasn't some diet issue or just the winter months that caused it, but it's very frusterating and scarey thinking that I could go back to being so darn tired all the time.  So that's my little update.  Oh, I have made a couple of crafts, but they're surprises for some family who may be reading this blog, so I can't post them.  I'll take pictures and post after I give them to them:-)  Have a wonderful and blessed week!